Code of Cownduct
Charges a user 10 mooney and zeroes his or her click timer in your application.
Note: Users must explicitly authorize your application to skip and spend mooney on their behalf.
passed via HTTP GET
name type description
action string Must be set to the literal value "skip"
appid string Your application's unique identifier
uid long integer The user id of the user to click
sig string Must be a valid request authentication token
JSON object with the following members:
name type description
success Boolean True if the click was successful; otherwise False (e.g. a click issued before the timer has elapsed).
error string A JSON string with a description of the error. Only returned if an error occurs.
User id is a standard Facebook user identifier. Implement Facebook's API or integrate with your existing Facebook application.
After having been authorized, the Skip operation must be initiated by the end user, and it must entail the user clicking (tapping, or otherwise activating) a clearly marked notice. This notice must make clear that (a) the timer will be skipped, no matter its current time and (b) the user will be debited 10 mooney. Note that it is possible that the user will not have a sufficient mooney balance to skip the click timer, and your application should not assume that a skip request will return successfully.
To facilitate user authorization of click skipping, link them to your application profile in the Cow Clicker app directory (when available).