Code of Cownduct
Clicks a user's cow in your application.
Note: An application can only call this method after a user has clicked on their current cow in your application. Retrieve the cow image with the User method first.
passed via HTTP GET
name type description
action string Must be set to the literal value "click"
appid string Your application's unique identifier
uid long integer The user id of the user to click
sig string Must be a valid request authentication token
JSON object with the following members:
name type description
success Boolean True if the click was successful; otherwise False (e.g. a click issued before the timer has elapsed).
next_click integer Seconds remaining until the user's next eligible click in your application.
click_url string URL for feed click mooney awards. Useful for action links in Facebook feed stories.
error string A JSON string with a description of the error. Only returned if an error occurs.
User id is a standard Facebook user identifier. Implement Facebook's API or integrate with your existing Facebook application.
The Click operation must be initiated by the end user, and it must entail the user clicking (tapping, or otherwise activating) their currently selected cow. Use the User method first to retrieve the cow image. Applications that call click without cow clicks will be disabled or removed, Steve Jobs style.
Cow Clickers tend to expect that their cow will moo audibly when clicked, but only if the click returns successful. If your cow does moo audibly, it should implement the official Cow Clicker moo. Get the moo files here.