Code of Cownduct
Branding Guidelines
Third-party applications that make use of the Cow Clicker API have permission to use Cow Clicker assets retrieved from official Cow Clicker API calls, including Cow Clicker cow images.
Apps should follow these additional branding guidelines.
Logos and Icons
Do not alter Cow Clicker icons or graphics. The official Cow Clicker cow-and-pointer icon and 16x16 pixel favicon are reserved for use by Cow Clicker. Third-party applications should create their own iconography and branding, although that branding may refer to Cow Clicker iconography.
Credit and Links
All apps that use the Cow Clicker API must make clear that they are third-party applications, and must never present themselves as official Cow Clicker products.
Your app should include linked text or graphics that link back to the Cow Clicker application at http://apps.facebook.com/cowclicker.
Plain text should read Powered by Cow Clicker, and can be styled in any manner appropriate to your application.
Image links should use the following graphics. Feel free to resize these to no smaller than 25 pixels in height. (Please download and serve these images from your server rather than hotlinking them.)
The following color swatches may assist creators of Cow Clicker-powered applications.
Cow Clicker Green
RGB 186 231 191
Cow Clicker Blue
RGB 204 239 251
Cow Clicker Brown
Hex #996600
RGB 153 102 0