Code of Cownduct
Code of Cownduct
Users of Cow Clicker Connect and the Cow Clicker API must adhere to the following Usage Guidelines and Terms of Use or their apps will be sent to the slaughterhouse.

Any use of Cow Clicker Connect or the Cow Clicker API constitutes agreement to follow these guidelines as well as acceptance of the Cow Clicker API Terms of Use. These guidelines may change or update.

Usage Guidelines
Making Requests You should design your application such that it minimizes the number of requests to the Cow Clicker Connect service or the Cow Clicker API endpoints. Avoid unnecessary page refreshes and make reasonable efforts to cache results between requests.
Error Handling The Cow Clicker API returns reasonably helpful error messages to assit you in writing your Cow Clicker application. These messages are not merely reports of API failures, but also may include useful information about why a requested operation has failed. Whenever possible, detect such error messages in your app and respond appropriately.
Privacy In your application, you shoud store the minimum amount of user information necessary to keep it operational and to reduce requests to the Cow Clicker API. Don't request user information from Cow Clicker until a user of your application or website explicitly asks you to. And do not publish, transmit, sell, trade, or otherwise share user information retrieved from Cow Clicker, except as explicitly requested by a user in order to carry out the operation of your application.
Displaying Cows When using the Cows operation to retrieve cow names and images, if you are identifying official Cow Clicker cows by name, those names must match the images, and they must match the names returnd from the request. Your application may include other images of course, but it may not pass off any non-Cow Clicker assets as being created or endorsed by Cow Clicker.
Using Cows You may display any of the cows returned by the Cows method in your application, and you may also make the cows "behave" in your application (i.e., they need not be static images). However, if your app involves the operation of a cow by a user in any way, such that the user could be said to be identifying with that cow for the purposes of using your application, then that cow must be one currently owned by the user in question. Use the Barn method to retrieve those cows.
Clicking Cows The Click operation must be initiated by the end user, and it must entail the user clicking (tapping, or otherwise activating) their currently selected cow. Use the User method first to retrieve the cow image. Only a successful click should play the Cow Clicker moo sound.
Skipping the Click Timer After having been authorized, the Skip operation must be initiated by the end user, and it must entail the user clicking (tapping, or otherwise activating) a clearly marked notice. This notice must make clear that (a) the timer will be skipped, no matter its current time and (b) the user will be debited 10 mooney. Note that it is possible that the user will not have a sufficient mooney balance to skip the click timer, and your application should not assume that a skip request will return successfully.