Code of Cownduct
Retrieves the cows available in Cow Clicker.
passed via HTTP GET
name type description
action string Must be set to the literal value "cows"
appid string Your application's unique identifier
sig string Must be a valid request authentication token
JSON object with the following members:
name type description
cows An array of JSON objects containing cow_name, cow_image, and retired fields.
  "cow_name": "Sample Cow", 
  "cow_image": "http://host/cow.png",
  "retired": false
error string A JSON string with a description of the error. Only returned if an error occurs.
Cow images are 165x179 pixel PNG files with transparency.
Applications that load cow images via URLs returned from this method must cache the resulting images to avoid unnecessary retrieval.
When using the Cows operation to retrieve cow names and images, if you are identifying official Cow Clicker cows by name, those names must match the images, and they must match the names returnd from the request. Your application may include other images of course, but it may not pass off any non-Cow Clicker assets as being created or endorsed by Cow Clicker.
You may display any of the cows returned by the Cows method in your application, and you may also make the cows "behave" in your application (i.e., they need not be static images). However, if your app involves the operation of a cow by a user in any way, such that the user could be said to be identifying with that cow for the purposes of using your application, then that cow must be one currently owned by the user in question. Use the Barn method to retrieve those cows.